Result-producing IT consulting in Green Bay WI

We provide small businesses in Green Bay with IT strategies that keep them 100% satisfied with their productivity, security, and growth.

IT consulting in Green Bay WI
IT issues is frustrating

Growing a business with disjointed processes, and repeat IT issues is frustrating

Running a business is hard work in and of itself, but adding on internet problems, cybersecurity threats, and malfunctioning devices makes it a miserable venture!

Nobody wants that. You want to get to work in the morning, knowing that all the energy you have will be well used, on the needle-moving tasks, and not figuring out why Microsoft 365 is acting up yet again.

But it's not just what you want - it's what you need to successfully grow any business. You need (and deserve) an IT environment where everything just works, making your workflow seamless and much more enjoyable. That's what consulting services can do for you...

expert IT

With the right IT, your business is secure and processes are seamless

Rather than making do with mediocre IT services and band-aid solutions, we believe that small to medium-sized businesses in Green Bay deserve expert IT.

With your computer systems up-to-date and your network security in place (at the barest minimum), business growth is significantly easier to work on.

Imagine an IT environment where:

Rather than being shoe-horned into services, your business needs dictate the technology stack
You get the right IT strategies for your business per time
You have access to computer support services right when you need them and no later
Your processes are flawless, and you can reduce your IT budget by using cloud solutions
Get fail-proof data recovery now
consulting services to businesses in Green Bay, Wisconsin

At Lightspeed, we offer result-centered IT consulting services to businesses in Green Bay, Wisconsin

We believe that small businesses can effectively eliminate the learning curve and get access to expert IT strategies right off the bat. As a result of that, we not only consulting services but also managed services to help small to mid-sized businesses achieve their goals.

For everything from cloud services to remote monitoring to disaster recovery, Green Bay businesses rely on us as the IT partner they can trust.

The top 3 reasons why we stand out amongst the sea of technology providers out there are these:


With us, businesses only work with top-level experts with decades of expertise


We have a remarkably fast response time that businesses can bank on


We understand our clients' IT problems and supply the exact solutions they need, and no more

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.


Joel Cosseboom

Upstream Bookkeeping

"Lightspeed Tech Systems was awesome! I needed help getting advice on network setup for security purposes and they provided sound advice and a path forward to move me from worrying about security to feeling safe and confident that my client data is safe."



The Team

"Lightspeed Tech Systems were amazing! They understand how to work with Ubiquiti products in depth. Their Engineer bent over backward to make sure all requirements were met and that we stayed on schedule and within budget. Communication was great throughout the project. I would definitely hire them again."

What you can expect from our IT consulting services

We provide businesses in Green Bay, WI managed IT services and consulting that reduce costs and drive growth

response times

Light-speed response times

The first step to a dependable IT environment is a speedy response from IT support. We understand that and as a result, we provide remarkably-fast response times and same-day resolutions to businesses that depend on us for support services.

Help desk should help. When you call for help, you deserve a quick response from IT experts that have the solutions you need. Because we take the time to understand your specific business processes, we can provide near-instant solutions that are tailored to you.

Relying on us means your Green Bay business has all the support it needs now, and more.

Cost reduction

Amazing cost reduction

With our deep understanding of networks and our cloud computing knowledge, we are able to reduce your technology costs by at least 25%, while increasing productivity.

One-size-fits-all IT strategies never achieve anything for businesses. At best, it's a cycle of maintaining the status quo. Technology changes that move the needle are those that are tailored to a business's specific needs. This is where costs are remarkably reduced and peak performance is realized.

Those are the type of strategies we provide small to mid-sized businesses in Green Bay with. Not just that, we serve as your in-house team of IT experts at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing, saving you money in that regard as well.

Top-quality technology

Top-quality technology

Small to mid-sized businesses deserve high-quality technology as well. We serve as the bridge, making top-of-the-line IT solutions available to growing businesses (making it that much easier for them to scale faster).

From cloud services to software development to strategy consulting, we make sure that we can provide state-of-the-art IT solutions to businesses that rely on us. The chances that you'd find technology services of higher quality in all of Northeast Wisconsin are extremely lean.

Senior engineers only

In the same vein as our top-quality technology, with Lightspeed tech, you only get access to seasoned engineers. Since we started out in 2015, we have stuck with only senior engineers only.

Our reason for this is not to say that greenhorn technicians cannot do a good job. Our reason is simple: to ensure that expert IT solutions can be provided for the businesses that rely on us, on time, every time.

We're looking to eliminate the learning curve for your business, it only makes sense that those on our team have the expertise to achieve this, and provide you with unique solutions.

Senior engineers
Exceptional customer experience

Exceptional customer experience

We go the extra mile. It's not just something we say we do, it is something all our clients say. Our "white glove" IT consulting simply means that we don't stop till you're 100% satisfied.

Apart from our high responsiveness, we operate with a very You-centric model, in that we build IT around your needs, and not the other way round. We're more concerned about meeting your needs than about our IT partners. As a result, you'd find that we are dogged advocates of our clients, even before vendors.

Experienced in networking needs

For a functional network that you'd feel safer with, Lightspeed is your best bet. We're professional Network experts that are passionate about providing network solutions that are custom-built for businesses and make workflows seamless. From Ubiquiti to any other, we have the know-how to provide unique solutions for your business networking needs.

We demystify networks and networking for businesses. This makes it so easy for them to stay in charge of their IT environment, and not necessarily need us going forward. Unlike many IT companies that try to make themselves indispensable by over-complicating IT issues or providing subpar solutions, we go the extra mile to ensure that our solutions are durable and dependable, even in our absence.

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See what our clients say
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Chris Khaemba

"I was pretty pleased with the level of professional support provided by Lightspeed Tech Systems. They were very reliable, patient, knowledgeable, and flexible despite the significant time difference we had. They were an analytical and creative consultant. Their Engineers do not just object to suggestions but rather give better approaches that can help us realize the functionalities we intended to achieve. The best part is they make sure you have a clear understanding of the changes being made, making it a straightforward manner and always enlightening you on the future management of the infrastructure they set up. I was really lucky to have found such a great technical person considering I was at the same time working on a demanding project. They pushed hard to complete the work even at times when I was not available, in a manner I wouldn't have thought any consultant would have put up with. Their team is, hands down, my best recommendation for your Network setup project."