Fail-proof network services in Green Bay WI

At Lightspeed, we provide small to mid-sized businesses in Green Bay WI with secure and scalable networking services and high-speed internet they can count on…

network services in Green Bay WI
Slow networks

Slow networks make work a painful drag…

Every business has a complex network. To ensure that work is consistently productive and the network stays secure, you need a lot more than a random IT guy. A number of things could go wrong and disrupt your network performance, and right at that moment, you need to know that you have the expert support you need in real-time.

You can stop subjecting your employees to slow internet and download speeds and poor application performance. What's more, you can finally be totally confident that your network has a rock-solid backup and bulletproof cybersecurity. We take care of all that, so you don't have to.

network solutions for businesses

We have a unique approach to network solutions for businesses

Much more than your average internet provider, we pay close attention to your business. Speeding up work is not about getting internet service from the cheapest internet provider you can find - there's more to it.

At Lightspeed, rather than forcing a stack on you to make a quick buck, we build a fully functional network around your day-to-day business processes. This is only possible because we are experts at all things enterprise networking.

What sets us apart from other internet service providers in Green Bay, is that we offer a complete networking service. We're way more than fiber internet specialists, we are networking experts that double as your internet service provider.


100% customer satisfaction guaranteed


Martin Baldinger


"LTS helped us in solving an advanced networking issue involving Unifi equipment. When we entered the contract with Jason and his team we were stuck with an unstable system setup for months and had no more ideas on where to look for the configuration error. They analyzed the system via remote access and asked questions systematically. In the end their approach paid off and we now have a stable setup than can easily be replicated! If we should experience networking issues with Unifi again in the future, LTS will be our go to freelancer!"


Joel Cosseboom

Upstream Bookkeeping

"Lightspeed Tech Systems was awesome! I needed help getting advice on network setup for security purposes and they provided sound advice and a path forward to move me from worrying about security to feeling safe and confident that my client data is safe."

Our white-glove network services for Green Bay Wisconsin small businesses

Remote Networking Setup

Fully Remote Networking Setup

Working remotely gets tricky when you need access to specific onsite software and applications. With our expertise in meeting business networking needs, we provide you and your team with remote access to your onsite network, securely, from anywhere in the world.

Remote access is making IT services, applications, or data that accessible from a location other than the office. With this, your team can access your company network or computers remotely via the internet.

Network monitoring

Network monitoring

We proactively ensure that your network is up and running swiftly at all times. We keep our eyes on everything, from checking your internet speeds and ensuring you have the best internet service, to making sure you can always connect to the printer and everything in between.

With enterprise-grade remote monitoring tools, we stay on top of all your network needs, both hardware and software-related alike. For instance, if an internet cable gets damaged or is knocked loose, we can easily troubleshoot that or show up on-site to help (because we are local to you).

Network Throughput and Consistency

Network Throughput and Consistency

When referring to communication networks, throughput can be defined as the rate of data that is successfully delivered over a communication channel. Measuring network throughput is usually done in bits per second (or bps).

"Internet Connection Speed" or "Internet Connection Bandwidth" is a general term used by internet providers to sell high-speed internet, but technically means throughput.We ensure that your network and internet performs at blazing speed at all times, keeping your team productive.

External Threats & Firewall Monitoring

External Threats & Firewall Monitoring

At Lightspeed, we enforce 7-layers of cyber security. The 4th layer of that cybersecurity structure is Network security. We provide you with enterprise-grade Intrusion, Detection, and Prevention Systems (IDPS) to ensure that your network is bulletproof. With this, we proactively mitigate APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) that consistently try to break through your network's security.

Enterprise wireless security:
We create guest networks that are completely isolated from your production network, for visitors to make use of if they ever need to.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):
With VPNs, we enable your team to send and receive data securely, across public networks, as though they were connected to your private network.

Network firewall monitoring:
Network firewalls are a fundamental part of any network security plan. We monitor your firewall to ensure that it is well-configured and fully operational consistently.

Security Policies and Procedures Enforced

Security Policies and Procedures Enforced

Most businesses cover every other aspect of their cybersecurity but their policies. Without firm policies and procedures in place, it's only a matter of time before the cybersecurity walls come crashing down again.

We proactively avoid that by collaborating with you to come up with practical policies for your business, while keeping your industry's regulations strongly in mind. This way, we are able to keep your network secure and keep you sustainably compliant. Such attention to detail cannot be provided to you by most Green bay WI internet service providers, we go the extra mile.

Preventing Internet Outages

Preventing Internet Outages

In 2013, Amazon went down for about 30 minutes, costing them about $2 million in lost sales, based on quarterly revenue reports. While your business may not be as big as Amazon (yet), it also probably wouldn't be able to take on such a loss and bounce back.

We proactively avoid that by collaborating with you to come up with practical policies for your business, while keeping your industry's regulations strongly in mind. This way, we are able to keep your network secure and keep you sustainably compliant.Such attention to detail cannot be provided to you by most Green bay WI internet service providers, we go the extra mile.

  • We provide you with enterprise-grade network infrastructure to start with
  • We ensure that you always have a redundant network (on stand-by)
  • We ensure that your mission-critical data is securely backed up in the cloud and available in case of a disaster
  • The firewall that comes with our networking has unlimited 4G LTE backup internet services. If your primary ISP goes down, it will roll over to the backup, so that you can continue working
Updates and Patch Management

Updates and Patch Management

Patch management is the process of distributing and applying updates to your software. More often than not, these patches we carry out are necessary to avoid vulnerabilities or bugs in the software.

Your operating systems, applications, and embedded systems (like network equipment) are all taken care of with our patch management. Patching helps mitigate vulnerabilities in your company's network before they turn into terrible cybersecurity issues. By doing this, we protect your assets from exploitation.

Our proactive approach toward network management makes it possible for us to detect when software needs to be updated. We take ownership of your business's patching and updating so that you can focus on your job.